About Us

Our Talented, Professional Staff

My love of dogs has made me devote my last 50 years to this lifelong profession.

I would like to express my gratitude to my great, talen ted staff for all their hard work to help make our salon the best place to work!!!

I’ve worked here part-time since Aug 1998 learning the trade from Sue and enjoy all my furry friends in this fun place to work!

I served my internship here thru ABC Grooming Acadamy  and have been working part time till June 2015 and have found a new home with a full time position. I love making dogs feel and look special with my artistic background and hope to continue my talents as  I learn other skills. 

I was the the 1st hired and have been here since Sept 1996 and have found a home. I’ve seen many changes take place and can show my expertise in styling your pet to your satisfaction.

After my parents have been bringing their dogs to Sue’s since they opened and I always wanted  to work at a salon where my LOVE for dogs could be appreciated since  I always believed in my 1st life I was a dog and now I’m here to return the favor as a part time bather.

 I came on board  in Feb 2008 and have shown my  skills on many of our little 4 pawed friends. This is much different place to work then I’ve experienced in other salons. I also specialize in fur coloring and unique pet design.

I was so excited that Sue hired me as a part time bather since I always wanted someday to be in the dog grooming business to show love and compassion for all my lovely 4-legged friends. It’s so exciting for me

Back in 2007 I filled in for Sue and found out what  I was missing with other salons since then and here I am back and happy with the my friends, showing my artistic talent and bringing the Clipper Vac grooming experience idea to  the salon.

I was hired as a bather/groomer March 2020, although I like Tigers we don’t do Kittys here so I am now enjoying my new found 4- legged friends of all breeds and sizes. I really enjoy the challenge and working with a great staff and taking this experience off my bucket list.

I started working here as bather in July 2020 something different than banquet co-ordinator, I always had a love for dogs and wanted work with them. I have my own Winnie, a Irish Doodle and she keeps me pretty busy. I hope to move on to other duties to show my talent in the salon.

I started working here  in April 2021 as a bather and I am so excited to have the opportunity since my parents have been coming here for awhile. I love working with your pets and hope to advance to a groomer to show the  best of my talents. 

I started here in May 2021 coming from a local salon and looking for a new place to share may talents. This is where I belong working with a great staff and showing my skills in pampering your precious four-legged friend.