WSBT TV 22 had a Special Report Feb 9,2015 on your dog’s teeth health, Alltechniques suggested are approved by the American Animal Hospital Association.

New SONIC Tooth Brushing Service

We now offer a fast and highly efficient, antibacterial deep clean method that cleans and removes tarter and a fresh breath without anesthetic risk starting at just $20!


We still recommend you have your pet’s teeth cleaned by your vet every 2 years.

To go along with this we offer a product called TROPICLEAN  which is a solution you add to your pet’s water to control tarter and bad breath, it comes original formula and special needs formulas like skin & coat, hip & joint, digestive support and whitening. Excessive tarter buildup will cause bacteria that can effect major organs such as heart and kidneys.

Our Pricing Policy is as follows:

We also offer at a extra charge add-on services like:

Charges for these separate services WITHOUT GROOMING will be:

Anal Glands $10.00 – Nails $15.00 (Walk ins available for nails only!)


We are now offering a new service called “Fur Coloring on tails, ears, top knots and some stenciling for your pet. Ask about designs and pricing!

Our Salon Goals

  1. To listen and work with the client as to what they want.
  2. To make your pet’s stay pleasing and rewarding with loving care.
  3. To offer an extremely clean and safe atmosphere of which can be seen by the client.
  4. To offer professional quality work that will bring the client back.
  5. To offer all standard grooming services as well as nail filing at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  6. To offer flexible hours and drop off/pickup times to fit clients needs.
  7. To offer discount for puppies up to 6 months old.
  8. To specialize in small and minature dogs but also do all breeds large and small.

Lupine Lead & Collar Retail Center

We are an authorized LUPINE collar, lead  and harness center. Please stop in and check our supply and freshen up that old attire with the Lupine (Guaranteed – Even if chewed) brand of patterns for your 4 – legged friend. Click here to see all the patterns on their website. If you something that you want we can order it when we restock our display.

Browse our pet retail center

We have a nice supply of unique dog toys and products in our salon including collars, leads, grooming tools, shampoos, health products and many other assorted items. Please stop by and check us out.